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Does deleting a list delete the leads?

Question asked by Karla Barnes on Jul 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2016 by Michaela Iery

A few months ago I created an email for a client, and they provided me with a suppression list of 12,000 email addresses. I uploaded this and referenced it as a BLACKLIST in their program to ensure their email wasn't sent out to these people.


A month after the email had gone, I deleted the list (by right clicking on it and deleting list), as I presumed this would delete all the leads. (I am self taught at this Marketo game)


My question is: Are the 12,000 leads STILL classed as marketable leads on Marketo? (we do not use Marketo with a CRM)


As I deleted a list BUT not the leads. The screenshot below is from one of those leads, and this is all the info I have on each of the leads I uploaded. There are 12,000 of these leads, with just this info, they are not my leads to use so if Marketo is classing them as MARKETABLE leads I need to get rid don't I??



TIA :-)