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    Redirect link does not work in email copy

      I created an email with an URL in the copy redirected to another site. But the URL links to a 404 page. For example.


      The copy in the email is "Visit us at http://www.aaaaaa.com". The http://www.aaaaaa.com should redirect user to http://www.bbbbbb.com. It worked in the preview mode in Marketo. But When I sent test email to myself and clicked on  "http://www.aaaaaa.com" in the copy, the web browser opened up a 404 page with the token code after the URL of the http://www.aaaaaa.com web site. ( http://www.aaaaaa.com?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTnpVek9UTXdPRE5pWWpWaCIsInQiOiJ2c3hyVU1NQm1JWUdXb2RVem5DcHluS0M0VjUyeVZhbUtYcHFDNHVXc1hxT0QzOVltN3lRQkRmbEdaeTVDem0ydVlsVTFBRGFWVXZtWnpVNjdSMlYzQT09In0%3D)


      Can anyone help?