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    Setting up a campaign to report on who has been sent a particilar email from sales insight

      I'm trying to create a campaign (the lightbulb icon) that will pull a list of everyone who was sent a specific sales insights email out of SFDC.

      When I create a Smartlist - do I use a trigger "is sent sales email" or do I use "was sent email" or "was sent sales email"?

      Do I use the standard email subject line "2016 LATAM Tier Acreditado Horario de Entrenamiento" or do I use the subject lines with the SFDC assigned numbers at the end "2016 LATAM Tier Acreditado Horario de Entrenamiento (1453394712.0)" and list out all of the appropriate line items?

      I'm using "contains" instead of "is".

      I'm getting no returned individuals who were sent the email...but yet there are 26 individual SFDC sales insights subject lines created for the email I'm trying to get contacts for.