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    moving emails and leads to another program - sending same email twice?

    Tom Liolios

      Hi all,


      I have a lot of different engagement programs that I want to consolidate into fewer programs.


      Now before I do so, I need to be sure that moving leads and emails from one program to another, does not lead to sending duplicate emails.


      This is the scenario:

      I need to consolidate engagement programs, and utilize different streams within one engagement program.


      John received email 1 in engagement program A.

      Now, I want to move email 1 to engagement program B - stream 2.


      Also, John needs to be added to Engagement program B - stream 2, because he is not done yet with the email flow. Email 2, 3 and 4 are still waiting.


      My question now is, will John, as a new member of Engagement program 2, receive email 1 again, or not?

      Does moving an email ensure that it is NOT sent twice to a lead who already received it?


      Appreciate all the input!

      Just need to be sure here.