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    One Landing Page for Multiple Campaigns

      I'd love to get the community's input on how their teams handle the use of 1 or 2 assets in multiple campaigns for multiple verticals.


      I'm trying to move our team away from just cloning LP's for use in their own programs and towards having one major program for major campaign topics and then just measuring effectiveness at that level.


      The problem is around their planned cadence of email sends in a drip nature, where one vertical will get X,Y,Z and then another will get Y,X,Z. 


      I know we could use segmentations and dynamic content but we are in the middle of a massive data cleanup of our database which will not result in an overnight implementation of those features.  So, I thought I would ask the community how they handle these requests.


      Thank you!



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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Christine,


          I prefer to share Forms, but keep landing pages separated, and stored in programs.


          The idea behind this is that once in production, the forms sometimes evolve, but the landing page usually do not. With a shared form, you can add or remove a field, fix a picklist and use the mass approval system to re-approve all the LP's rapidly.



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              Josh and Greg -


              My team is creating one landing page that will have multiple assets on it that will be linked in multiple emails.  However, for one vertical one asset will be promoted first before another vertical send.  They are hesitant to direct people to a LP that has all assets on it, versus unveiling one at a time.  I'm looking for input into how other groups have handled campaigns that may run into a problem like this (it may not even be a problem).


              Before, we were setting up one LP and then cloning to change the content to fit the campaign and set up different MKTO programs.  That didn't seem efficient to me, so I have been working with them to create one large MKTO program per large initiative and then break up sends based on parameters.


              Therefore, I think there is a second part of my question, where should the LP live (design studio or local program level).  Which based upon Greg's response sounds like I should have them build the LP in the program then use a design studio form.


              I hope this helps.


              Thank you, as always, for your input!



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                  Grégoire Michel

                  I concur with your team that when you promote one asset in a email, it's better that, when the lead clicks the link the landing page only shows the relevant asset. Therefore, I would avoid an LP with all assets on it, especially if this LP has more than 2 or 3 assets. One of the issues being that the asset you want to promote might not be the first one displayed in the LP. The other being that making sense of the stats on the LP will be pretty tricky.


                  I tend to enforce a rule in Marketo: 1 asset/content = 1 program, 1 program = 1 content/asset. Therefore, 1 asset will be in one program and one program will be used for one asset only. This rule enables to compute easily content ROI in program analyzer or RCE.



                  1. This "asset" program can contain more than one LP, that might be use to promote the asset in various ways, for various channels.
                  2. When 1 asset in in one program, I still can use other engagement programs or emails programs to send emails linking to this asset


                  Hope this helps,



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