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    In Email Editor 2.0 How Will Link Tracking and Include mkt_tok Work?

      In the old editor, we had the option at the link level to turn off tracking and the oldbuttonoptions.pngmkt_tok.  When we were downloading the HTML, we would uncheck both of these buttons on all links.  Also, if we had a link that was using a redirect, we would sometimes turn off the mkt_tok.














      In the new editor, I can't find this option at the button level:


      The button link seems to be the only adjustment I can make. 


      If I go in to the HTML editor (which isn't available at the button level).  The tracking is still there.  It seems weird to me that you still have it in one place, but not the other. 


      Are the links at the button level handled differently?  If yes, when you download HTML how does it treat these links from a toke perspective?