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    Update fields via spreadsheet without email address match

    Jason Raisleger

      I am trying to do something that I don't believe is possible but I'm hoping I'm wrong. I want to add transactional data to leads via a csv import. Right now, we get our transactional data from BI with no connector to Marketo. What I would like to do is match the CRM Account ID from BI to the CRM Account ID in Marketo because BI doesn't contain email addresses. Every month I would like to upload a spreadsheet with our new transaction and upload them to Marketo. See my example below.


      Lead Database



      CRM Accout ID
      Joe Smithjsmith@email.comAbc Corp123456
      Jane Thomasjane.thomas@xyzmail.comXZY Industries852258
      Jamie Thomasjthomas@email.comAbc Corp




      Monthly Spreadsheet Upload

      CRM Account IDFirst Order Date
      First Order Value
      Last Order DateLast Order Value


      In this example, both Joe Smith and Jamie Thomas of Abc Corp would have their records updated so that the first order date, first order value, last order date and last order value would be the same for both leads.


      Is this possible?