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Marketing Operations Manager (Great company in Pleasanton)

Question asked by f505acf94c63f3fe7834a7d004e2843da2a3403b on Jul 25, 2016

This job is all about Marketo, and as a member of our digital marketing team and our online community manager, I knew the Marketo community might be FANTASTIC resource for us to find a great fit. I love working here and I think you will too. In fact, here's a blog post I published last year about it: Top Workplaces: Falling for ServiceMax - from afar - Field Service Digital


ServiceMax is looking for an analytical and revenue-minded individual to manage our marketing operations based in our Pleasanton headquarters.

As Marketing Operations Manager, you will lead the charge improving the marketing automation system, Marketo, and its governance, associated processes and best practices. You will drive the marketing operations roadmap, metrics and dashboards, and lead routing and scoring processes.

Job Description:

  • Setup Marketo lists, segments and Salesforce campaigns
  • Prioritize and execute on existing and ad hoc requests made from marketing and sales to facilitate revenue growth, with involvement in all aspects of the process from target identification to post-campaign reporting
  • Manage strategy and data governance for leads and any marketing campaign related data and activities in Marketo and SFDC
  • Define, communicate, and implement new features and functionality within Marketo with the goal of continuously enhancing sales/marketing processes
  • Optimize the processes needed for better qualification and improving AQL rates, including lead routing, lead scoring and use of predictive analytics
  • Work on data quality and data enhancement projects to improve efficiency and accuracy
  • Set up, testing, execution and reporting on Marketo-based campaigns for lead management, lead nurturing, lead scoring and lead routing
  • Collaborate with all internal departments to assure programs meet business objectives and to identify areas where further investment will yield targeted ROI
  • Develop and implement strategy for data governance (acquisition, validation, augmentation and enhancement).


  • Minimum 3 years of B2B Marketing Operations Experience.
  • 3+ years of experience working with Marketo required, Marketo certification preferred.
  • Experience working with Enterprise CRM (Salesforce preferred)
  • Strong problem solving and analytical ability, advanced Excel skillset, and experience creating and analyzing reports
  • Excellent collaboration ability with global marketing and sales teams
  • Ability to translate data insights into strategies for future marketing efforts
  • Strong project management skills with the ability to juggle multiple projects and consistently meet deadlines and objectives


Come apply here or post a question here and I can reply. I'm not the hiring manger, but I'm on the digital marketing team so I can answer Qs on culture or team stuff!