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    Which is preferred? - "Skipped value was already..." vs "Skipped 'Do Nothing'..." in flow step

    Devraj Grewal

      This question is applicable for any flow step changing a data value, changing an engagement stream, changing stream cadence, etc. But for simplicity, let's use a change data value example: in a smart campaign flow step, I want to change the date value to "1". Here are the two scenarios that can occur for the same change data value flow step if the data value is already "1" when the lead executes that step:


      Option 1:

      flow step 1.png

      - The lead will execute and skip this step in the flow and the campaign results will log a "Skipped value was already '1' " activity (or something similar) for that flow step


      Option 2:

      flow step 2.png

      - The lead will only execute this choice step if the value is not "1", the default is to do nothing, and the campaign results will log a "Skipped 'Do Nothing' was set for this choice"


      Both options will work in skipping the step whether it executes the step and skips because the value if already "1" (Option 1) or skips the step entirely if it is not "1" and gets the default choice (Option 2). My question is this, which option is preferred? Does Option 1 slow down performance because it qualifies every lead to execute the step even though some will skip it? Does Option 2 perform faster than Option 1 because it only executes the step for those that qualify and those that do not get the default step?