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Trade Show Lists - Best practice?

Question asked by 44742 on Apr 16, 2014
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Hi Folks,

We attend several trade shows a year and aquire the trade show lists, import into our system, and follow up with personal emails, lead nurturing and vetting campaigns to make sure these leads want to stay in our system or not.

My question is, each tradeshow we go to typically has the same people attend, so chances are when we import new lists, we're importing the same people each year. Typically, our practice is when a lead goes through a vetting campaign and does not respond after a certain amount of time / are not and will never be intereted, or just in the wrong business, they get deleted.

But what happens after they get deleted, then reintroduced into the system as a "new lead" and go through the same introduction process?

Is there any best practice that you perform? Do you scrub the lists and perform a backup of the leads that will get deleted so you can compare the two lists or is there something easier?

I know we're catching up on all our management mistakes from years prior; it's defintely a process and we want to keep it clean like everyone else.

What do you do?