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First Nashville MUG Meet up

Question asked by Brittany Stover Expert on Jul 20, 2016

Hey fellow Nashville Marketo users! My name is Brittany Stover and I am the Nashville MUG leader. I have worked with Marketo for a little over a year and a half and am a Marketo Champion. I am based out of north Nashville and am excited to network with local individuals. 


We are in the process of setting a date and location for our first official meetup (feel free to name a meeting place if you have any suggestions). In order to frame an agenda, I have a few questions to ask the group:


1. Of the new Marketo release what are you most excited about?

2. What do you feel the most uneducated about regarding Marketo?

3. What are your biggest pain points you face using Marketo?


Thanks for joining this group! We will get our event on the books shortly.


- Brittany