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    Naming Convention - Images and Files

    Tom Kerlin



      We've flip-flopped on our naming convention for the images and files we upload into the Design Studio. At first we were organizing them in program-specific folders using program-specific names, but now we're keeping everything in one folder for year 2016 using more "easy-to-find", generic names since we end up reusing same file. I'd like to hear from other people on what has worked and what hasn't worked for them.


      We've entertained the idea of incorporating dates into the names, although depending on the where they are used in naming convention it may/ may not be intuitive. I think Marketo will organize Images and Files alphabetically and/or by date.


      Here's an example of our naming...

      File Naming Convention: Asset Type-Asset Name (Ex: White-Paper-Evaluating-Cloud-Computing-Get-Your-Board-on-Board)

      Image Naming Convention: Image Type-Asset Type-Asset Name (Ex: Thumbnail-White-Paper-Evaluating-Cloud-Computing-Get-Your-Board-on-Board)




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          Ellie Boardman-Szunko

          Hi Tom,


          I've stumbled across this document previously which you may find useful.

          For me personally in the design studio, I've created a basic naming convention so they're easy to find according to their asset type and subject/service. E.g. for a redundancy email header, it would be EH-Redundancy or whitepaper I'd shorten to 'WP' so there's less possible variations in the spelling, making my assets easier to find. If it is time specific, I would also recommend adding a date at the end (e.g. WP-Budget-Update-June-2016).


          A few abbreviations you could use: EM (Email), EH (Email Header), IM (Image), LP (Landing Page), FO (Form)


          The hardest part is definitely trying to get everyone to follow the agreed naming convention!

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            Brittany Stover

            Something that I have found to be helpful is to create different folders based on the common programs we run. Some examples are products, newsletter, events, branding, etc. We do have a basic imagery folder but we try hard not to use that one. Anything that goes into our image and files has to match one of the folder categories. After that we have we use the abbreviations mentioned above and the actual name of the image. so our file looks like this:


            Products >> WPBreather.


            Hope this helps


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