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    Lead Scoring Locally vs. at the Global level (Things to Consider)

    Tom Kerlin



      I'm wondering how to best approach lead scoring in Marketo.  We're currently assigning behavior scores at the program level, mostly when a lead fills out a form. I'm thinking of setting up a "global" operational lead scoring program that would essentially be responsible for managing scores across all of our programs.


      Or, is it best to implement a combination of local lead scoring with global lead scoring programs? What are the pros and cons to each approach or things to consider, and what is considered a best practice?




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          Sydney Mulligan

          I think it a little bit depends on your preference, but I have always seen lead scoring implemented at the global level, triggered off Program Status is Changed. I think it makes it much more consistent (you don't have to remember or have an external document to house how many points for each type of behavior, etc.)


          Also, if you decide to change a point value (give more points for a request demo form, for example) then you only have to change it in one place, especially if you are using tokens for your score increase values. As you scale up in Marketo, you will have many more programs and thus MANY more places you'll have to make these types of updates


          In general, I prefer global over local when possible - global forms, folder-level tokens, global lead scoring, global data normalization. It saves a lot of time in the long run when you're not duplicating effort every time you run a program.

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