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    Leads and Contacts - Never the twain shall meet.

      Marketo Integration With Salesforce


      A long-standing, heretofore unresolved problem in Salesforce campaign reporting, is that campaigns typically involve both lead and contact records, and while one can produce a campaign member or calldown report that combines leads and contacts, one can't surface custom fields on the lead or contact object.


      Enter customer reports, with which one can tie campaigns to leads, to surface those fields. But it can't link to both leads and contacts, so you end up having one report for leads and one for contacts. Not much better.


      Is anyone aware of a Salesforce App or Marketo Launchpoint app that will allow:


      1) A combined view of campaigns with both leads and contacts, AND custom fields


      2) A view that allows one to combine and group multiple campaigns



      If this view can be done from Marketo, that's not the entire problem, because reps need to work from such a report and click-to-dial to make calls, and log activities against the record.


      Has nobody solved this problem with either a Salesforce or Marketo add-on?


      (Reading SFDC discussion groups, there's some indication Salesforce is addressing it, but it's a couple releases out at least.)