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    Before moving leads to a different partition

    Jennifer Bishop

      Hello - my company wants to segment our leads (currently all 150k+ leads are in the Default partition) into 4 different lead partitions based on geography (Europe, North America, Latin America, and keep Default to house only our employees).  We want each geography to have access to their own partition as well as Default in case they need to send to employees.  This is to help alleviate the accidental "send-alls" to our entire database, as well as keep our database more segmented.


      I know how to do this, but I'm a little nervous to do so because of the following questions:  if I move leads to another partition, will this affect any current email sends that are already scheduled to blast?  Also, are there any other concerns I should be aware of before moving the leads from Default to another partition?  And what will happen to the Smart Lists and Group Lists we have created under the Default partition if we move leads?

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Jennifer,


          You are right to be concerned, any smart list/ smart campaign will only apply to the leads sited in the partition the workspace can access. In the schema you detail, the smart lists/campaigns will only apply to your employees


          Before you start, your current smart campaigns are in the default workspace and moving them will be an issue as they already have members.


          So here is the way to do it with no harm:

          1. Rename the default workspace to "Global" or "All zones" or "Worldwide". Leave the "Default" partition as is.
          2. Create your 4 additional lead partitions and make them accessible from the Global workspace. the campaigns in there will continue to function normally even if you move the leads from 1 partition to another
          3. Create the new additional workspaces, including a default one and link them to their respective partitions.
          4. Start recreating geo-specific campaigns in each of the new workspaces
          5. Progressively deactivate/archive the campaigns you have left running in the "Global" workspace until they are all over
          6. Consider keeping the "Global" workspace on the long term if you need to run cross partition campaigns (such as data management or lead partition reassignment), but restrict it's access to the minimum number of people.



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