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    Creating dynamic, custom external unsubscribe URL with Lead Attributes

      We are building an external subscription preferences page which we will use to update unsubscribe preferences via the Marketo API. In order to do this, we need to know the user that clicked the unsubcribe link.


      In our Marketo Email Admin unsubscribe HTML, we are attempting to dynamically generate a link based on the user to our email preferences page. See example:


      #set($url = "doman.com/email_preferences/${lead.useId}")

      <a href="https://${url}">Manage your Email Preferences</a></p>


      Upon clicking the link in the email we get redirected to an invalid url (i.e. https://%24%7Burl%7D/?mkt_tok=xxxx)


      How can we dynamically generate an unsubscribe link that contains lead attributes?