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    Salesforce licenses and Marketo

      If we have Salesforce Platform licenses how would we integrate Salesforce with Marketo?

      Has anyone integrated Marketo with Salesforce using a license other than a standard Salesforce license?

      In comparison to Standard Salesforce licenses what will be the restrictions behind using Marketo with Force.com or Salesforce Platform licenses? in my understanding force.com license doesn't allow access to leads and opportunities and other custom apps.

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          Josh Hill

          Curious why you want to do this if the License Types in question may not grant full access to SFDC?


          I would stick with the usual user sfdc license. Perhaps SFDC's documentation can assist you further. You might also check docs.marketo.com for the SFDC setup process that might have more answers.

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              Thank you for your response.

              So bunch of users at our company are using Marketo on contacts only.

              Marketo is currently being used by our marketing team to manage campaigns, manage leads and bring in Leads to Salesforce, after that we have users that look these leads over, convert them and assign them to users in the sales team, then people in our sales team are using Marketo to send Marketo emails.

              In my opinion we don't need to stick with standard Salesforce licenses atleast for the sales teams. So we are looking for alternative ways to integrate with Marketo to transition into this change smoothly, if that's even possible.

              That's why in my question I'm wondering if anyone has been using Marketo with Salesforce Platform licenses, and what are the restrictions behind using this type of license to Integerate with Marketo.