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    Accessing emails and running campaigns via REST API

    Vlada Prasolova

      We are trying to launch an automated email that consists of our product blog content to be sent every time there is a new blogpost worth sending out.

      It turns out that that in order to do this via API calls we need is to be able to clone a program, update its email body and schedule corresponding campaign when we think that we have new content to send.

      The problem is that I don’t see an easy way to update content of an email (not headers but actual body). As i see from API documentation, everything that I can do in order to update email body is to call updateEmailTemplateContentById with email’s corresponding template and it doesn’t affect approved templates.

      So the question is how can I update existing email body via REST API? Does our workflow look ok?

      Or may be there is a much more simple way of doing this that i'm missing out?