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    Same email ID logic ?

      Hi Everyone,


      I hope you're doing well.


      I had a question about the email ID. Today I built up two different smart campaigns triggered (normal program : Web) using the same flow. I read somewhere in the Community that if I use the same email (ex : Email 1 in the Folder 1, for the Smart Campaign 1 and 2), and I import 1 list for each Campaign with some duplications inside (leads), those duplications would not receive twice the same email because of the Email ID.


      At that point, I would like to know if that logic is correct in any ways ?

      In fact, I am trying to set up two different marketing automation process with the same emails ID in order to not sending twice the same email to the diplications.


      Thank you very much


      - Etienne

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          Grégoire Michel

          Bonjour Etienne,


          The check on the email ID only applies to emails in engagement program streams.


          In one batch smart campaign, Marketo also performs a deduplication based on the email address, to make sure the same email is not sent the email twice by the same batch occurence of the smart campaign.


          But if the SC is scheduled multiples times and the lead qualifies multiple times, or if it's a trigger SC and the lead qualifies more than once, or else of you use the same email in 2 smart campaign, you will have to use a choice with a "was sent email" or "not was sent email" filter to control the same email is not sent twice.



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