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    Dynamic Content not sufficiently obvious, and testing options not good

    Shannon Kelly

      I just had a second problem with a large email send, because in editing the email content, none of us realized there was Dynamic content for the Body. I did not every see it in the multiple times I edited and tested this email.

      Sample Emails send "Default" content, so we never saw that there was different content in the Dynamic areas. It seems there's no way to "test" the Email Send without actually sending it (to a test list, or whoever).

      Upon Send, it was a surprise to find out that virtually NO ONE would receive the Default content. Instead they received unintended content that was under the Dynamic area.


      • When editing an email section, there should be a red tab that explains which Dynamic area you are in, so you notice the section is Dynamic, not Static.
      • Sample emails/tests should offer the option to have Samples based on actual Segmentations, not Default content.
      • In the Control Panel Approval area, it should designate that the email uses Dynamic content, and require acknowledgement before Approval.

      These are my suggestions after having major problems based on this feature. I try to be very careful, I'm fairly knowledgeable, and we do a lot of testing, but it failed in this case. It was a horrifying mistake and I could sincerely use help in avoiding this happening again in the future. It's difficult to remember every possible thing that can go (disasterously) wrong.