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    Marketo Scoring: Lead Score vs Behavior Score vs Demographic Score

      We have been, by default, leveraging the LEAD SCORE, for both the Stars and the Flames and the Flames indicate the Urgency by the most recent activity, while the Stars reflect the relative scores to one’s other leads.  What exactly happens when we try to incorporate BEHAVIORAL scoring?  I wanted to evolve our scoring one phase at a time, but I want to ensure there is clarification on the behavior the scoring WAS based on and what will happen as I incorporate BEHAVIORAL scoring.  I want to next evolve the scoring to incorporate DEMOGRAPHIC. Marketo docs did not make it clear to me what would happen, if I were to change the scoring for the Flames to reflect the Behavioral.  Also, what happens to the LEAD Scoring?  Does this just go away?  Should I first attribute all Lead’s  BEHAVIORAL scoring to their current LEAD SCORE? And then roll out the BEHAVIORAL scoring?  I am very confused about the whole thing, but I do believe it would be very useful to evolve our scoring.  I just need to have a better understanding before, not just moving there, but also enabling me to train the Sales Team on the effects and what the scoring will mean to them as I roll this out.  Clearly, I’m confused with how these scorings work amongst each other.  Basically, I need to understand the interactions between all three of these scoring dimensions and where they are reflected.  Is it possible to roll these out in a phased approach, or should I go ahead a roll out both (Behavior and Demographic), refining the definitions as the business targets change and become more clear?  If I do roll out both Behavioral and Demographic, what happens to the Lead Score?  Thanks for any help you may have to offer?

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          OK.  I believe I may have a slightly better  understanding of LEAD scoring, but i'd love validation on this. 

          • Lead Scoring is the default Sales Insight usage when you install Marketo, leaving Sales Insight to use only the Marketo User configured/assigned cummulative Lead scores, in conjunction with Marketo's proprietary algorithm for  prioritizing leads, which includes
            • Flames, being the Urgency of the Leads, reflecting the recency and frequency in engagements
            • Stars, being the relative importance of the lead compared to the other leads
          • When utilizing Behavioral and Demographic Lead Scoring dimensions/attributes, this allows the ability to configure the
            • Flames, to include the successful engagements in conjunction with the cummulative LEAD Score (incl both Behavioral and Demographic)
            • Stars, to reflect the more ideal lead, defined by the Demographic parameters configured and assigned by the LEAD characteristics, inclusive of such attributes as job title, company size, company revenue, geography, etc.

          I would love some discussion on my understanding here.

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              Frank Elley

              Hi Nancy,


              In the Admin console, under Integration, look at the Sales Insight settings. Under Lead Scoring Settings, you'll see where the values for your Stars and Flames come from, and the numeric ranges that determine how many of each you see. We have a custom scoring engine that produces numeric scores for an Quality metric ("who they are" - based on company size, industry, etc.) and an Interest Score ("what they've done" - website visits, offers consumed, etc.). We've calibrated the numeric values to the number of stars and flames. When you've done this, you can see, in the Score tab of the Marketo Insight widget in a SFDC lead, the complete "log" of score changes in both dimensions.


              (It's been a while since we've done this, so I don't remember the default settings. But I think looking at those admin settings will clarify a lot for you, and will help you map what Marketo is doing by default with what you want to reveal using your own lead scoring.)

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                Digital Pi

                Hi Nancy,


                The way I have used lead score is that it is a composite of behavioral score and demographic score.  You will need to create smart campaigns to add lead score when you add behavioral score and demographic score. So for example if someone attends a webinar and you give them 10 points to the lead score you will also have to add 10 points into the behavioral score. 


                I have rolled out lead score to the sales team in phases.  There is no right or wrong way, just what works best for your situation.    If I am just starting out I designate the stars and flames as behavioral score.  That way, when I am executing nurture campaigns, tradeshows, paid online campaigns, anytime anyone does something, i want the sales guys to pounce on them and this has been really effective in driving demos and meetings in a B2B sales environment.  The reason why I use stars and flames with behavior score and not lead score is if and only if I also rolled out demographic score at the same time.  I bought a huge list, a bunch of them were given demographic score, this then bumped up their lead score and low and behold the marketo sales insight tab stars and flames lit up like the 4th of July.  The sales guys got excited and then very quickly disappointed  because these people didn't really "do" anything.  Then they give up on MSI and don't pay attention to any legitimate leads that might score up. 


                In Summary if you roll out lead, demo, and beh score, I switched the stars and flames to beh. When you have a good population of people doing stuff and balanced by demo scoring, ie not a large population from purchased list, then switch it back to lead score for the stars and flames.  Use the same parameter for both stars and flames to keep things simple for sales training. 


                In my MSI training I always tell sales that  doing 5 activities in 1 year is very different than doing the same 5 activities in 1 week.  That is how the flames help distinguish how recently something is done and gives that added dimension that is missing from the stars ie numerical score. 

                If you get them in the habit of looking at and loving their MSI tab.  That is success!