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    Possible to ignore form prefill by Landing Page asset?

    toby johnson

      Hi Everyone, hoping you all can help provide some direction for me on a request that recently came across my desk.


      We are leveraging a Marketo LP + Form for a travelling demo van.  The demo van traditionally has a high opportunity detection rate, but given our internal processes sometimes it can take 10+ days for those leads to make it to the proper sales team in Salesforce.


      Our solution was to build a Marketo LP and use a form that would trigger an immediate AQL, sending the lead to the proper sales team immediately.  The user experience would be that there would be an onsite ipad with the Marketo LP open and at the conclusion of the visit the lead would complete the form (if interested) which would trigger the AQL over to Salesforce. 


      However, in the testing stage we discovered a hiccup.  All of our Marketo forms leverage the pre-fill functionality based on cookie.  Because Guest 2 would be filling out the form leveraging the same device (and therefore the same cookies) as Guest 1, the form will pre-fill with the info for Guest 1 when presented to Guest 2, and so on.


      Im wondering if there is a way to turn off the pre-fill functionality by LP asset?  Or does that live at the form level?  Or is it an all-or-nothing scenario where all forms pre-fill or all forms dont pre-fill.


      Thanks for your help!!  Take it easy on me, i'm not very technically saavy