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    Webinar Platforms - Reviews of BrightTalk?

    Danny Smith

      Hey Community!


      We're thinking of doing a guaranteed lead program and possibly setting up a channel with BrightTalk so naturally I came to the Community to see what kind of experiences other Marketing Automation professionals have had with them.


      To be honest, many of the reviews were not positive. Big drawbacks seemed to be:

      * quality of leads

      * lack implementation support (specifically, documentation)

      * confusing implementation setup


      If you've had a positive experience with BrightTalk, could you please chime in?


      Here are some existing posts about BrightTalk: New BrightTalk Integration?  Best Webinar Platfrom - GTM, WebEx, BrightTalk, InXpo, ReadyTalk, Adobe?? New BrightTalk Integration?

      Jason Hamilton you posted "BrightTalk = brutal" not too long ago...what caused you so much frustration?




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          Paul Su

          Hey Danny Smith your post came up in search. Did you go through with BrightTalk? How'd it turn out? My biggest concern would be quality of leads..

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              Danny Smith

              Hey Paul, I can't speak to the quality of BrightTalk leads because we did not end up going with them.


              They had very high CPL & upfront costs from what I remember but the biggest reason why we didn't sign on with them is because we segment leads based on company revenue and BrightTalk segments leads based on a company's employee count. In the past, targeting leads based on their company's employee count proved to be ineffective for us so we didn't want to take that chance again.


              That being said we were all delighted with the BrightTalk employees we met, they seemed to have a very active & engaged community and the overall UI was pleasant to look at. Maybe in another life...


              Hope this helps!