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    Form Fill Report

    Elizabeth Bonin

      Is there anyway to easily filter form fills for all email programs for the month of June?

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          Juan de Dios Ngomo

          You can do this in Marketo by using a "Lead Performance" report and then just set the smart list filter to "Filled Out Form" and specify your form (or any). Then add a constraint for "Date of Activity" and select time frame (between), "from 1 June  to 31st June." .


          The downside to this is it will only give you the total number, you won't see who filled it out. This is a feature not available in the Marketo reports/subscriptions.


          if you need to know who filled it out you have to create the smartlist in lead database section.

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            Thanks, everyone, for weighing in on this question. I've found it helpful, too. Although I want to make sure I understand.


            I was directed toward this post after asking how to get out of Marketo a list of leads who filled out forms along with lead information, lead source and the date of the form fill.


            Is that not possible?


            If not, then what is the purpose of Marketo not letting me easily pull that information, which is clearly in the data?


            Can this be done in RCA?

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                Bill Carney

                I would think this is a common question and an answer existed - Marketo reporting is very sub par.  I'm not even sure when you pay more (RCA) you'll get this information.  I'd be interested if anyone had a decent approach for this.

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                    Sanford Whiteman

                    This is where the API -- which can be overused in other cases -- saves your bacon. Querying just the Activity Log will get you all the information for Filled Out Form activities, including (for the most part, save for certain invalid data) the raw field data in the form post.


                    It won't show you other fields already on that same lead, though (since those are not part of the activity).

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                        Kathleen Mirabal

                        I know it's been a little while since this post, but I thought I'd give this a chance...

                        We are using the API to get the Activity Log information for Filled Out Form activities back into our custom CRM (passing necessary fields through as hidden), but I'm not too sure how to filter out the testing that our team does (i.e. We don't want our team's "Filled Out Form" Activity that was just for testing purposes to get added back into our CRM).


                        Ideally, there'd be an easy way to test and an easy way to "go live" with the program without having to tell my developers what date we stopped testing.


                        There's a section for program type in the Activity Log (its currently empty on the form fill out activities), so I thought about using a tag or creating a program channel, but I'm not sure that it'll show in the activity log and I assume there's no easy way to clone + change channel and "go live" with the program. Maybe I can ask my developers to somehow exclude the email addresses of our test accounts? I don't have much API/Technical experience so I'm just not too sure what options I have. '


                        Any suggestions?