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    Adding a lead status

      Is it possible to add a lead status?


      For example, the options to currently choose from when setting up an event campaign include:

      Events with invites > Registered

      Events with invites > Confirmed


      Is it possible to add others, i.e.

      Events with invites > Free registration

      Events with invites > Paid registration

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          Tim Langlois

          Hi Olivia - Those sound like program statuses. If so, yes you can add, edit, or remove a status by clicking the Add Step button in the channel tag. You'll need Admin rights - go to Admin > Tags > Channels and look for the Events with invites channel.


          Create a Program Channel - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

          Delete a Program Status From a Program Channel - Marketo Docs - Product Docs


          If you mean can Marketo write to the "Lead Status" field, yes it can, you can select an existing value or type one in using the Change Data Value flow step using the Lead Status attribute.

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              Thanks for this Tim!


              I've successfully managed to add the channel and can now change leads' status once they have registered - however it says that when using the mobile app this will not show up as it only shows registered and attended and it is not possible to duplicate these options.


              Is there a way around this?


              The example we are using is that when people register to our free events, their status changes to registered. When people register to paid events their status changes to confirmed. This is how we differentiate between free and paid. Then our delegate sales team will call some of these people to "reconfirm" their attendance. This is why I needed to add this option. But when I added in this step, I wanted to change the Mobile Check-in Status to Registered as well as obviously this still means they are registered, but it won't allow me to do this.


              Look forward to hearing your response!

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                  Tim Langlois

                  To me it sounds like "confirmed" and "registered" mean the same thing - that someone has signed up for an event in the future. So you could call the Program Status "Confirmed" but still use the mobile check-in status of "Registered".


                  However if it was me I would just pick one term in Marketo - registered or confirmed - and use that.


                  What may be a good idea as well is to have two custom Channels - one for free events and one for paid events.

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