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    SFDC Custom Object Tokens in Smart Campaign Flow Steps?

    Jason Martin

      Hey Everyone,

           I've been doing a lot of research around syncing SFDC Custom Objects to Marketo and have seen quite a few recent discussion around this topic. I am currently in the process of syncing a new SFDC Custom Object in Marketo and have a question that I haven't seen talked about yet. Maybe I missed it.


      What I am trying to do is trigger a smart campaign in Marketo off of the creation of a SFDC custom object, read fields that are in the object, and write the data to the description of an interesting moment using tokens. Is this possible in Marketo? I've been able to get to the point where the trigger is activated  by the custom object but can't figure out how to reference the data in the custom object fields in a way where I can leverage it in a smart campaign flow step.


      What I've done so far is:

      • Set up the custom object in SFDC and enables the sync to Marketo
      • Made sure the fields I wanted to use are visible for both constraints and triggers
      • Created the following Smart Campaign:
        • Trigger: "Added to [Custom Object A]", Constraint: Subject contains "Price Inquiry"
        • Flow Step: Create Interesting Moment, Type: Web, Description: [this is where I want to use tokens to insert data from the custom object fields]


      Note: I do not currently plan on using the data in emails so I don't think I'll need velocity scripting for this.


      Any help with this is greatly appreciated!