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Are there issues in using munchkin code with Sitecore?

Question asked by 0bd96454cafdd2dfa70a171bfa7b79b53384cf2a on Jul 14, 2016
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I am working on a big transformation project and part of it is a complete redo of the corporate website. The situation is that the company is using an agency to develop the website and they are using Sitecore to do this. The agency is threatened by the company's take-on of Marketo so are not being open regarding integration. I have used Marketo for many customers with various CMS systems, but have never been involved in the integration as it has always been in place when they brought me in.


1. Are there any difficulties with using munchkin code on Sitecore managed pages?  Is it as easy as including the munchkin code in the header of the pages?

2.  Are there any issues with embedding forms (2.0) on Sitecore pages?


I've researched on here and know that there are many users using both systems together, but I can't find the beginning of anyone's experience here, so would appreciate some insight. Dan Stevens. you seem to be the person to ask here?


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