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    Opens Email Trigger

    Kelly Shoemake

      Hi All,


      I'm doing some testing, which part of the testing on a new engagement program (multiple steps) where the first step includes marking a lead as 'responded' when the introduction email has been opened. The program is very basic:


      Smart List: [trigger] Opens Email: Email is <intended email>

      Flow: Change program status to Lead Nurturing > Responded and Change Status in SFDC Campaign to Responded

      Schedule: Active, Each lead can run through the flow every time


      The first time the lead went through, it updated the campaign status correctly. I reset the lead (failed some of the later steps, wanted to restart) by having it removed from the SFDC campaign and marked as Not in Program for the marketo program.


      The 2nd, 3rd, 4th...etc. time through, it's not getting the status update.


      Is this an unspoken nuance of the Opens Email Trigger that leads only run through it once and only once?