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    Best way to report on most visited webpages by anonymous leads?

    Devraj Grewal



      Our team is interested in knowing the most frequented pages on our website in the past 90 days, so we ran Google Analytics to find out. Now we want to exclude known lead visits from the ranking and only count webpages visited by current anonymous leads in Marketo. I realize if an anonymous lead became known, they will not count here, but that's okay, currently anonymous leads is fine.


      What is the best way to report on this so I can get somewhat of a ranking of the top 20 webpages visited by anonymous leads?


      Perhaps take the results from Google Analytics (ex. 100 contact us page visits in last 7 days by all traffic) and just subtract the known web traffic from Marketo (ex. 10 contact us page visits in last 7 days by known leads) to find the difference, which would be the anonymous traffic?