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    Email editor 2.0 Invalid Module

    Duane Kennerson

      Well, trying email editor 2.0. Wanted to start playing with creating my own templates. Now I'm fairly skilled with html/css but I'm certainly no expert so I thought I would start learning by doing something really, really basic...


      I took the skeleton template, stripped out all the guts (just left the variable definitions, styles and outer wrapper html in place) and simply copied and pasted, verbatim, the example snippet code to see what would happen (<div class="mktoSnippet" id="unsubscribeFooter" mktoName="Unsubscribe Footer"></div>).


      What happened? Marketo reports it's an invalid module and won't save the code.


      1. Not a very helpful error message. I tried searching for invalid module in help but got only one unrelated result.

      2. It's literally copied and pasted from the Marketo documentation, what could I have done wrong? (a lot I'm sure, lol)

      3. I don't see anywhere that I would have to declare modules, there are no variables to define, not sure what is wrong...


      Any direction? I though this would be so simple.