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    Survey Question!  What do you ask in your Demand Gen surveys?

    Courtney McAra

      Hello All!


      I work at SurveyMonkey and as we develop the 2nd Edition of our integration we would love to know what kinds of surveys you create for Demand Gen purposes!


      Specifically - what are your survey questions?   Are the surveys used for Top-Of-Funnel-Acquisition or Middle/Bottom-Of-Funnel-Conversion purposes?   Are you asking questions that relate to demographic/firmographic attributes such as location, job title, job role, industry, number of employees?  Are you asking open-ended questions?  Specific to your industry?   I would love to know and/or see samples and examples of your surveys - whether they are in SurveyMonkey or another tool (I promise I won't judge! )


      **Bonus Points** - If you have any metrics how surveys have improved your conversions, we'd love to chat with you!


      Please comment below or feel free to PM or email me.