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    Build a List based on Matching Email Address

      Hi All,

      I need build a program that is listening for a data value change in a custom email field.  Then based on the field becoming populated, match the email address and add the record to a smart list.  So here is the scenario:


      Person A forwards a form and landing page to Person B.  Person B fills out the form and populates a field called "Signed On Behalf Of".  Person B enters Person A's email address into this field and submits the form.  So I need to somehow match the email address in the field "Signed on Behalf Of" on Person B's contact record...with the record for Person A and add Person A to a smart list.  What Person B is doing is accepting the terms and conditions of our trial software. So when Person B fills out the form, I need to take some actions and send an email to Person A, as well as alerts to my sales team.

      I hope this is making sense.