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    Can I publish SFDC campaign fields on a Marketo landing page?

    Jason McConnell

      I'm creating a new salesforce campaign record type for webinars. I'll be cloning each webinar so each sales team will have a series of webinar campaigns to which they can add leads/contacts and update the specific dates and times they'll be hosting their webinars in their territory. The webinar record also contains read-only fields that show the title and description of each webinar.


      I want to create a Marketo public-facing landing page for each SFDC webinar campaign that would display the date, time, title, and description fields from my newly created campaign record. This landing page will be used as a sign-up page for the leads that were added to the campaign.


      Does anyone know how to show SFDC campaign fields as merge fields on a Marketo landing page? Maybe using visualforce code on the landing page? Or, maybe a simpler solution?