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Emails with HTML look long and skinny

Question asked by 08398ce656d4788c1f5b796d0fe59c8e5c4e1f27 on Jul 11, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2016 by 662a783f9e0649dc5502ed7d83ec5bfdc4fdbca4

Anytime I send an email with HTML through Marketo, the formatting appears long and skinny.

The preview in Marketo looks normal but a sample or live blast looks wrong.

I am receiving the emails in Outlook on a PC.

I have tested to Gmail and they look fine.

My boss has a Mac and a PC and both look normal to her.

Every other person (in or out of my company) receiving in Outlook sees these emails as long and skinny.

Promo emails sent from Marketo to me in Outlook appear long and skinny.

Promo emails I have received from partners NOT using Marketo appear long and skinny.

It sounds most likely like an Outlook issue? Maybe a newer version issue? My boss' PC uses an older version of Outlook and she sees these emails as normal.


HELP. I can't keep sending text emails as a fix.