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    Help needed with tokens!!! :)

    Kezia Jansen


      Hi!! I hope someone can help me on this..

      I want to send an email and if someone doesn't respond on this email I want to send a second email that looks like the image below.

      The 2nd email has to look like as if it was a reply or a forward email.. Therefore I want to use a token for SENT (see below).

      This token should be linked with the sent date of the 1st email. Does anyone know how I can do this?


      Thank you in advance!!!!


      marketo 2.png

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          Frank Breen

          This is going to be complex, you can do it by creating a DateTime field in Marketo, for this example I called my field Date&Time, then in my send flow I added {{system.dateTime}} which will mirror the time the email is sent.

          Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 17.47.41.png

          Then comes the complex part, once you display this field in your email, it will show up like this:


          2016-07-08 11:40:22


          American format and full time, if you can do Velocity Scripting, then you may be able to change this to the format in your design, other than that, this is the output.


          Whichever way you tackle this, {{system. items will be the American format and they are the only fields I know that can link to a unknown date or time.

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            David Gaible

            Hi Kezia,

            Just a thought, but does the time in the second 'forwarded' email have to match the first email?

            I used to use this forward tactic - with great success - several years ago, in a Pardot system where we didn't have powerful tokens. I just used a generic time in the 'forwarded' email. My thoughts were if the first email wasn't opened, getting the time exactly correct on the second email doesn't matter.

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              Rajesh Talele

              Hi Kezia Jansen


              I agree with David Gaible. This might be a case where you do not need exact pinpoint of the date the email was sent to that person. You can use an approximate date and that should be fine.


              There are technical ways to solve using web hooks / velocity scripting. In fact, that's what I specialize in. But sometimes it is not worth to spend too much efforts for small gains.


              Also, here we are 'kind of faking' the email communication thread. So technical people can figure it out that part (where is the email header etc). Simply having the exact date would not be a deal breaker in my view.


              Hope this helps


              Rajesh Talele

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