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    Add Snippets to Segments in an Email

    Sean Hardaker

      Is it possible to use a snippet when segmenting your audience in an email?

      mkto snippet.png

      The only way I can see to do it is save my content as rich tokens and just add the token in the email editor for the desired segment.


      This works but makes the email design less clear and requires a test email to see it with all the content.


      I'm using the old email editor still.


      thanks in advance


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          Jim Thao

          Snippets are definitely designed to use with segmentations in order to produce dynamic content.


          I feel like there is something that I may be missing the question.  Anything that you're trying to accomplish specifically?

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              Sean Hardaker

              Please see my screenshot below.  Could you describe how you attribute a snippet to a dynamic segment?



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                  Jim Thao

                  You won't be able to use "Segment By" AND "Replace with Snippet".  They are two in the same.  You will need to choose either "Segment By" or "Replace with Snippet" as both serve the same purpose.


                  The screenshot you provided is already using "Segment By" to serve up dynamic content therefore you won't be able to use "Replace with Snippet".  You will need to make this section static again, delete the dynamic Segment to alleviate any confusion and then start from the beginning again using "Replace with Snippet" instead.

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                      Sean Hardaker

                      It might help if I explain why Im trying to do this.  My email is made up of re-usable sections of evergreen content. I want to have a single place to store each section so I can insert them into various emails.  I dont want to copy and paste the HTML into multiple emails.


                      Here are the various ways it could work (or not work)


                      Option A. Create Email -> Replace with Snippet -> inside snippet is Dynamic segmentation with rich text (HTML)

                      Option B. Create Email -> Dynamic Segmentation -> Add Rich Text (HTML)

                      Option C. Create Email -> Dynamic Segmentation -> Add Token

                      Option D (Impossible) Create Email -> Dynamic Segmentation -> Replace with Snippet


                      Option D is what I want to do.


                      Option A is what you are telling me to do. Problem with this is that my snippet will contain maybe 4 unique sections.  For them to be re-usable in a true sense they would all need to be contextually related so that the snippet could be dropped into any email and the dynamic segmentation would take care of itself. 


                      For example, if I wanted a section in my email about 'Wireless Routers' I might have a snippet for this with dynamic segmentation inside for Sole traders, SMB and enterprise clients.  Unfortunately this does not describe a real world situation.  It's more likely that I would want the section in the email to contain 'Wireless Routers' for SMB, 'mobile phone contracts' for sole traders and 'meet at a trade show' for enterprise dynamic segments. None of these things are related so putting them all in a single snippet makes it a one time use snippet and, therefore, useless as a snippet (the point of snippets being re-usable).


                      But Option C is the workaround. Tokens can provide a single location for each section of HTML which can re re-used in future emails by dropping the token into the rich text editor.  Tokens cannot be organised into folders so it might get a bit messy in the program but it's better than the alternative.

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                  Duane Kennerson

                  I believe you can do segmentation right in the snippet itself. Unless I'm missing your question as well...marketo-snippet-segment.jpg

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                    Chris Saporito

                    To add a Snippet you can right click on the section that you would like to dynamically change.


                    Once you pick your pre-made and approved snippet you can click the preview button and it will allow you to view the email from the different segmentation options. It's up in the top right.


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                      Sean Hardaker

                      Inside the email creation tool, you can see that the snippet option is grayed out.

                      mkto snippet.png

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                          Juli James

                          Hi Sean,


                          You CANNOT add a snippet within a segmentation.  You either have to Segment the snippet when you create it, or do your Option A.


                          You can't do a dynamic segmentation and then add a snippet to that segmentation. Its not possible.




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                              While Juli is partially correct in this answer, you can still use a snippet in Dynamic segmentation.

                              1. Have your editable region start in the static area
                              2. You MUST apply the same segmentation to your snippet as you are using in your email
                              3. Once your snippet is segmented and approved, right click the editable region and select "Replace with snippet"

                              Your snippet will now filter into all of your dynamic segments in your email. I use this on a daily basis and it will work. Biggest key is that your segmentation MUST be the same on both sides, the snippet and the email.


                              I hope this is not too late and you can implement this into your process.