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    Testing Lead Scoring Models

    Tim Lamb

      I'm currently working on implementing lead scoring and looking for any documentation on best practices around testing the scoring and status updates are working before completely rolling out, does anyone have such a document or checklist? I've looked through several of the Marketo guides around this.

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          Hi Tim! Check this out: Basic Scoring

          Lead Scoring Resources - Marketo  Resources

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            Kim Allen

            Hey Tim,


            This is a great question! Scoring is something that should be planned out and re-evaluated and even changed on a regular basis.


            To start I'd map out all of the behavioral and demographic attributes that make hot leads for your company. If you have personas or oppty won lead associated data, that would be a good place to start.


            It looks like Scott has shared some of the basics in how to build scoring campaigns. I would add one thing to that and recommend working with tokens for scoring. This allows for more flexibility to change these values as you and the sales team evaluate them on a regular basis.


            To "test" or evaluate definitely build some Lead Performance reports around scoring to monitor this.


            Hope this helps some!


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              Colin Mann

              Scoring behavioural and demographic criteria is the obvious step as others have pointed out but I also recommend looking at scoring by asset type too e.g. ascribing scoring values to the types of asset your audience consumes and (for example) attributing higher values to those assets that are stronger indications of a purchase decision or have more value to the audience. I think this will help with evaluating the contribution of your content as well as scoring the marketing tactics used.

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                Hi Tim,

                We use social media behavioral data in our lead scoring model since we have found that socially engaged leads convert faster. If you intend on incorporating social behaviors into your lead-scoring model, I think you will like this whitepaper we published on the subject: Guide: Build a Social-Minded Lead Scoring Model

                Hope that helps! Good luck on your lead-scoring model!