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    Using check in app at large events

    James Gunn

      Hi everyone,


      We have our user conference coming up soon and are expecting 1000+ customers.

      I'd like to use the Marketo Check In app so that we can update customers' status to "Attended" and send out some automated email comms.

      We have used the app for smaller events and it has been great. Does anyone have experience of using the app for events of this size? Is it a practical solution for registering attendance on a large scale?


      On the morning of the event when registration starts I'm concerned that there will be a long line of customers wanting to register. Will the app be a bit unwieldy for quickly processing a  large number of people?

      If anyone has used the app for an event of this size and is happy that it's the right tool for the job then please let me know.




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          Josh Hill

          As long as you have enough ipads and they are all tested and logged in, there shouldn't be an issue.


          For large events, I usually use Cvent or something else because of the Agenda and guest capabilities. But there's no real reason Marketo can't handle check in at this volume.


          The challenge may be in fully recording walk ins or in making corrections, so be sure someone with higher Marketo access can login to the main app or consider having a special Kiosk page a manager can access.

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