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    using a trigger and a filter in the same smart list

      Hi All,


      I understand that in general this works, the trigger will fire first, and apply the filter to it. My question is if there is a specific set time to apply the filter?


      My use case is I have an app and every sign up is a lead create, but each sign up also have a user class. If I want to have a trigger for lead create but also filter it to a specific user class would it work? since both piece of data is sent to marketo together I dont know if there will a race scenario, i.e. the trigger fires but the user class somehow hasn't syncced over yet, will it not work?

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          Sanford Whiteman

          Is the "user class" a custom object that is linked to the lead after creation?  Or is it simply a field on the lead that is included on a form?


          If the former, you can have a race condition as the trigger will not wait for an additional API call to complete.


          If the latter, AFAIK there's no race condition because the lead will be atomically created, with the field values filled, before the trigger fires.


          In other circumstances, you can have races because, for example, Change Data Value flow steps happen asynchronously so new values can't be used immediately within the same flow.  It's good to make use of Data Value Changed triggers to avoid these conditions.