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    Link to PDF hosted in Marketo

      Hi _ this may be basic, but I can't figure this out...

      I have a PDF that I would like to upload into Marketo, and then include a link to that PDF in my email. Two questions:

      1) Will simply uploading it into the "Images and files" folder work? That is working for jpg's, but in the email editor I don't see the pdf's I have uploaded

      2) From the email editor, how do I link to that PDF file?


      Many thanks,


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          Colin Mann

          From your description I assume that you are linking the PDF as a link from a download button or a URL within an email. This is how I do this myself.


          Do upload it to the 'Images and files' folder in the Design Studio as you indicate. You can see PDF files in my example below.

          Secondly click on the PDF you want and copy the URL you see - my example below. You can then paste that link into your editable email using the insert link function either by selecting the text you want to link or selecting the image (e.g. a download button). That link will then go directly to the PDF from the email.


          However, generally I send email links to a landing page so that we can build forms. I recognise that sometimes a direct download from an email is required though.

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