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    Communication Limits

    Jeffrey Balmeo

      Hi All,


      I was wondering if anyone is using the Communication Limits.  And if so, lets say your limit per day was 1, but you have 2 emails to be sent out to a lead that day.  How do you make sure that person will receive both emails?  Also, neither program is an Engagement Program.  I'm trying to figure out how to send it out the next day (or next available business day).  Is there a global setting that can be implemented or does this need to be setup per program/campaign?


      Also, one other question regarding the following setting in Communication Limits:



      I'm a little confused by this one.  If I don't check it, does this mean all emails will be sent regardless of my limit per day?  If so, then what's the point of the limit if this isn't checked?  I'm assuming this needs to be always checked if you wanted to limit the number of emails.




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          John Westley

          Jeff, it is a bit counterintuitive but clicking the Block non-operational emails is actually how you turn on (enable) the communication limits. Enable Communication Limits - Marketo Docs - Product Docs 


          As for what happens if they are queued up for two emails in one day, embarrassingly I don't know and I couldn't fine with 5 mintues of searching.


          We don't use communication limits.

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              Jeffrey Balmeo

              Thanks John for the response.   Yeah, it's totally counter-intuitive.  You enable it by checking, but what also confused me is there's an option for "unlimited" which is the same as unchecking the box.  I think they need a UX/UI specialist for Marketo.  Sometimes the Marketo Docs is like reading an IKEA manual - all images and no real explanation.


              One of the reasons why I need this is for our nurturing tracks and newsletters.

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              Brooke Lamb

              Hi Jeffrey - We use communication limits. We have one per day and 3 per 7 days.

              We try to avoid scheduling more than one mailing per day. However, there is the off chance that a marketing email is being sent out the same day a webinar invite, or reminder is being sent out. In which case, we mark one as operational. This will bypass the communication limits.

              Hope this helps...


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                Jason Antony

                We use 2 emails per day and 5 total per week.

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                  Yea, I tried using the communication limits and it's sucks because say we restrict to 3 emails per week. If they download a whitepaper, we have an auto-reply trigger to send them the asset. If for some reason we don't checkmark it as "operation emails", they would not receive it.


                  So what I do is we have a marketing calendar where I know which programs emails are coming out from. I would exclude members from that program to ensure they do not receive multiple emails in one day or within 2 days.