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    Any tips on changing channels / tags / general cleanup

    Matt Lyman

      After attempting to get some basic info from support, I am hoping to get some advice from all of you!


      We are revamping our Marketo instance. We want to change all of our program attribution parameters (they were not set up well a few years ago) - including tags, channels, and success steps. We will also be doing a lot of folder clean up.


      Do any of you have any high-level tips? Here are some specific questions:
      1. If we move folders, do we need to worry about anything? Folders are just folders, correct, and should not trigger anything.

      2. We were planning on just hiding all outdated current channel tags (and creating new ones to fill gaps) so they are not useable, but prior to that, we will need to change some of the success steps on a few that will remain in production. What might this do? Our webinars are synched with SFDC (not many other programs are - see the problem) and will be one that we leave - and hide existing statuses we don't need. Have any of you seen issues with this?
      3. What other pitfalls could we see?


      Thanks in advance for your help!!