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    Unsure if emails actually sent due to API Limit

      Hi guys,


      We hit an API call limit yesterday when deleting 1.5M tasks from our SFDC using Data Loader. Then, today, we had an active smart campaign that was supposed to send emails at 10AM (as part of an A/B test, the bulk of which would send at 2pm). However, I got an error notification that Marketo couldn't sync with SFDC due to the API call limit (oops).


      When I look at my smart campaign from the home tab and select "emails" (lower-right) I don't see any data for the 10AM email launch.


      However, when I look at the "Results" tab of my smart campaign, I see thousands of leads with "email delivered" and today's date.


      Did my campaign launch its emails at 10am this morning? How can I know for sure? Where can I see the data so I know how to adjust the A/B test?