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    Newsletter Clicks down after switch from MailChimp



      My organization started sending newsletters out of Marketo last week. Previously we had sent newsletters out of MailChimp.


      The Daily Newsletter (sent Monday - Friday) has ~22k subscribers, and the Weekly Newsletter (sent Saturday) has ~85k subscribers.


      The newsletter's deliverability (~99.8%) and open rates have not changed much during this transition, but clicks have dropped drastically -- particularly on the sponsored banner ads (down from an average .4% to .04%).


      The template has changed slightly, so tomorrow we will replicate the old MailChimp template in Marketo and test on half of the subscribers. But still, we don't think the new template would cause this kind of drop in CTR.


      Has anyone else experienced a drop in CTR when switching to Marketo for large sends? Any ideas on what could be the issue here, or does anyone have suggestions on what we should try?