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    Have you used Email Editor 2.0?

    Amy Bui

      Has anyone actually activated and used the Email Editor 2.0?  I finally notice i have the ability to switch over to the new one and before I do, was seeing if anyone had experience with this yet.  If you are interested in learn how to turn it on, you can view it here: Turning On/Off Email Editor 2.0 - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

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          Jeffrey Balmeo

          Hi Amy,

          I'm going to try this in Sandbox tomorrow.  How's your experience so far?

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            Brooke Lamb

            I have not tried this yet. Please share your experience when you've done so! I'm excited, yet scared for this change...




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              Jason Antony

              We havent turned it on officially but paying with it in sandbox. Super cool. Love it.

              My only mistake I made so far was I briefly turned it on and then off in Production and anyone playing with emails at that time automatically were in Email editor 2.0. And they couldnt edit or complete their emails they were working on. Easy to fix though because the HTML is exactly the same. so retreiving the html from the 2.0 editor emails and pasting it in a legacy template totally worked. Cloning does not.

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                Amy Bui

                We activated the Email 2.0 and it's great. We're actually trying out the Marketo template which is not too bad. It's not very customizable and you have to make sure you update your unsubscribe link in the footer because those do not get added automaticallly like my other emails.


                Overall, I think it's been great. Much better than 1.0. No issues so far.

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                    Mark McGourty

                    I am trying to build what I thought was simple 2.0 template.  Just looking for a template with room for a single image that I can wrap text.  Either align left or right.  I see a three column across but nothing with one image say 200x200 that sits left or right aligned in the body of the email.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.