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    Embedded Limelight Videos

    Angela Dalmas

      Has anyone had any success at all integrating a Limelight embedded video into a Marketo Landing page?  I ask because we have not had success with the responsiveness working as they advertise on the launchpoint site.  Sure, we can get the video embedded just fine, but it is not responsive on a mobile device.  We have done many tests, and it just does not work on mobile.  (doesn't shrink down like it should). 


      If anyone has had success with this please let me know, otherwise, if you need a responsive embedded video, my advice is not to go with Limelight, even though they are advertising "any device, any where" on Launchpoint.  Beware of this if you choose Limelight as your video host vendor.  Otherwise, if mobile responsiveness is of no importance, it works.