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Token Default Value in Text Only version Not Appearing

Question asked by 2a65406106538ddc0f88c0b0b9821ff44e64743c on Jun 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2016 by e2ed8a7b98c1fcd3fbfe67b7cdaf5658ea6843ee

Hello Marketo Community,


I have two questions. First being, is it possible to test an email where I can receive the text-only version to see how the custom token fields are working? I don't mean sending a sample email with a text version because the fields won't pull my custom token info that way.


Question number two, I have two tokens in my email, the first is a first name token with a default value of 'Attendee', the second is a custom Single Sign On token with a default value of Login. When I send a sample email, 'Attendee' appears, but 'Login' does not.


Does anyone have an idea as to why?


Here's what it look like:


Here's what appears in the email in my inbox:


In that space before the word to, I'd like 'Login' to appear.


Thanks all!