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How do you automate lead scores so demographic + behavioral = total lead score?

Question asked by f169f0fd60c07ad24b75085d7aea91d13f46a914 on Jun 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2014 by f169f0fd60c07ad24b75085d7aea91d13f46a914
     I'm doing research on automating lead scores I took a look at Marketo's "Definitive Guide to Lead Scoring." My goal is to have the total lead score update automatically when demographic and behavioral scores are changed (demographic + behavioral = total lead score). Does anyone know how to do this (which was specified in this Marketo Guide):

     "While you will list the demographic and behavioral scores separately, you will add  them together in your scoring model to  make your total lead score. Review the  scores to make sure that for a typical  sales-ready lead the demographic score  makes up no more than half of the total score."