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    Nurture Programme Stream Transition Rules Set-up Question

      We're setting up quite a complex Email Nurture programme flow and struggling to work out the stream set-up and transition rules for the following:
      We’ve set-up the streams as:
      Stream 1
      Initial emails (Headsets, Conference Calling, Flexible Working, Health, UC)
      Stream 2
      Headsets ( Why headsets, Headsets for business.. etc
      Stream 3
      Conference Calling emails ( Steve Video – conf calling, Steve Collab ….etc)
      Stream 4 -6
      The other area emails as above
      As per this screen shot:


      Note The cadence is set for 2 weeks (Thursday 3pm every two weeks) 
      Can anybody give us any guidance on the transition rules we should set-up to replicate the nurture programme flow detailed above?

      Thanks in advance for your help.