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    Visibility of Form Field

      Hello everyone,


      I'm working on a form that will be used on 2 corresponding pages. We want people to come in, fill out the form, and submit. Then on the 2nd page, we'd like to have one of the fields they filled out on the previous page to be hidden. It's a simple "Yes or No" radio button field.


      What would be the best selection in the Visibility Rules to make this work correctly? We've tested it and based off of email address being filled out or empty, the radio button field will disappear before the user would have a chance to fill it out or make their selection.




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          Hi Alec,


          If I understand your question - the person completes Form A on Landing Page A and upon clicking "submit", is sent to Landing Page B, which also contains Form A -  only you want fields they already completed on LP A to be hidden on LP B.


          If that's the question I don't know of a way to do this unless you can do so with Java Script (Sanford Whiteman would know). Short of JavaScript - a compromise would be that you could enable pre-fill on the form and then on LP B, any fields the person had already completed would be pre-filled. The fields wouldn't be invisible but they would already be filled in.


          You can't use visibility rules to control how the form behaves on a subsequent visit to the form - which is what's happening when they go to the form on LP A and then see it again on LP B.


          If I am understanding your setup correctly - why are you sending them from one page to the next with the same form on each page? Are you trying to gather additional information on the second page? If so, you would want to use progressive profiling. Then fields completed in the progressive profiling section would be replaced by fields that had not been completed on the second page.